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This is what our customers are saying about our Goat Milk Soap
These testimonies were obtained from real customers that have used out product.

I have suffered from psoriasis all my life. The constant itching and flakey skin that comes from this skin condition was at times unbearable. I started using this soap a few years ago and I no longer suffer from it any longer. While I know I still have psoriasis it is no longer inflamed and irritating. In fact you cannot even tell I have it unless you feel my skin. I love this soap and it really helps with my psoriasis.

DH, Munford TN


All my life I have had very dry skin, specifically on my hands. Winters were the worse. My knuckles would start bleeding because they were so cracked and dry.  I started using this soap about 3 years ago and I no longer have to put any hand lotion on my hands. My hands are very soft and in fact my skin has elasticity to it and my knuckles do not bleed any more. You can have all the commercial moisturizers, I use this soap on a daily basis and it is wonderful, and smells great.



My 18 month old daughter suffers from eczema really bad on her front torso. Of course she does not know what she is doing when she scratches herself, all she knows is it itches and therefore she scratches. I had to keep gloves on her hands because she was scratching that bad. I tried every product on the market to help sooth her skin so it did not itch and they did not work. The prescription medicine worked, but I was applying it every hour because the soothing benefits did not last. We started using this soap, Mr. Elam recommend unscented because at her age I did not know if she had any allergies to fragrances, and today I am happy to report her eczema has cleared up. I am saying it is cleared up because it is not inflamed. My daughter has a quality of life now that makes a momma happy. I did my research, and read the research article he provided me, before I used this soap on my daughter and now I highly recommend this product if you suffer from any skin inflammation or irritation. THIS GOAT MILK SOAP IS THE REAL DEAL AND IT WORKS!!!

Happy momma from Mississippi.


I suffered a second degree burn from a cooking accident and I could not find any product to help sooth the pain. I bought one bar from Sweet Southern Soap at a show in Jackson TN. and it worked. In fact I truly believe it helped in the speed of new skin forming. I was so happy when I was not longer suffering the pain that came from a second degree burn. It is an all-natural remedy that really works. I am hooked and will not use any store bought soap again. I am a customer for life.

Betty, Jackson TN.


I am 16 years old and like most young people I suffer from the oily skin and therefore the acne thing. At times it would be so bad it would be very embarrassing. After talking with Mr. Elam at his booth at the Southaven MS. show I bought one bar to try because I was very skeptical. It was hard to believe what he was telling me could possibly be true. Well I am now a lifelong user of the Activated Charcoal soap. It is very gentle on my skin but at the same time it is a very deep cleanser and as a plus, I also get all of the other benefits of the goat milk properties. My acne starting clearing up after day two. Within a few days it was totally cleared up. This soap really works and I have several friends who are now users of their activated charcoal soap because it works.

16 year old believer in this product

It is very good for my skin, it keeps it soft and nice looking. I love the different fragrances. I have also given them as gifts. 

DSV Arkansas

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